Play as the root of an enterprising plant as you explore the soil beneath in search of fresh pools of water, guarded deep within dungeons filled with root-eating worms. Jump in to these water sources to make your plant grow! Be careful though, as taking damage or exploring uses water, and your supply is constantly dwindling. Lose too much water and the plant will wither and die. Find all three dungeons!

Keyboard controls: 

  • WASD to move
  • space to jump
  • left ctrl or left mouse button to attack

Controller (Xinput / Xbox).

  • A to Jump
  • X to attack
  • Left joystick to move

Art by Hayden Haley and Marcio Miranda.

Code by Marcio Miranda and Jacob Carewick


Halloween Theme 1 by Alexander Nakarada



Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod




Additional art and tile basis:

Buch, Opengame Art

Change notes (Updated 7/22/2020):

  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed graphical errors with tilemap.
  • Fixed bug preventing attacks intermittently.
  • Added health pickups for telegraphing paths.
  • Removed unfair enemy placement.
  • Changed level layouts to improve navigation.

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